Founder And Visionary Of Ceesz Hairston Films
Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Hairston searched for a passion, and found it in videography. Since 2010, Hairston began using video cameras as a backup operator, with an initial interest in photography. Hairston’s experience preceded his reputation, and shortly, Hairston was directing countless music videos for upcoming artists, including some pre-established artists. 

“There’s magic in capturing the perfect moment, from the perfect angle; it resonates with people,” Hairston states. “This is so much more than a career—it’s a means to continue creating. I’ll never retire.

Apart from covering weddings, vlogs, documentaries and more, Hairston continues to learn every angle of his craft. Hairston’s father owned a photography company, giving a photographic-rich environment to thrive in and develop his skills. Hairston plans to become a Director of Photography as well as bring his own unique view to the table.